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Module Russie 1812

The Russia 1812 module has been the subject of extensive research and the addition of new rules and units to represent the specificities of this campaign: supply on a poor country, scorched earth, looting, wagons and civilians during the retreat, etc.

Could Napoleon have done better, should he have stopped in Smolensk to spend the Winter there? This module poses the fundamental question of the imperial strategy during this enormous failure which sealed in a fatal way the fate of the First Empire. An imposing module (8 scenarios and more to follow) and a landmark one!

Launch your troops against the largest country in Europe. On the roads of Smolensk, Riga, Viazma, Moscow or St Petersburg, succeed where Napoleon failed or save the Holy Russia under the guise of General Barclay of Tolly and Kutuzov !
Module Pologne 1807

Warsaw, Pultusk, Eylau, Heilsberg, Friedland... The Poland 1807 module allows to replay Napoleon's campaign against the Russian-Prussian armies after his first victories over Prussia in 1806.

Sometimes in the freezing cold and then in the mild spring, this module allows you to play medium sized scenarios in various conditions. The Russian army is now more experienced than in 1805 and the fight will be fierce !

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